Certainly everyone has heard of the proverb "actions speak louder than words."  While that is merely a perspective and contestable in terms of its truth, one cannot deny the power that actions, motion, or movement, have in our lives.

We use words in our communication all the time, but there are indeed moments where people are compelled to act to express, to express through movement.  At times when elation and energy surge through our veins, we can break out into dance.  In the heat of anger or in a fit of passion we may rigorously train and exercise.  Some of us may even choose to express feelings of freedom and endless possibility through parkour and free-running, as I do.

I personally find that not only does acting upon my "eMotion" (haha) help me feel free, but it also keeps me healthy and prevents me from feeling locked up without ever busting a move or traversing a difficult terrain with ease.  OmniMover is a passion of ours and we have started this site in an effort to share it with the world.  Let this place be a promotion of the arts of dance, discipline, training, and all forms of motion through which we may convey ourselves beyond the capabilities of words.  Taking it a step further, this site may also be considered a promotion of strengthening and healthy activity in general, but that alone would be boring, wouldn't it?  If you're an aspiring dancer, martial artist, free-runner, or the like, “Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.”


- Lucas Hawthorne
Founder of OmniMover





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